Morning bike ride, PT and a roasted veg, tomato & bean couscous salad

Well, what beautiful weather we are having right now!! Every time the sun puts its hat on I have the urge to get out and enjoy it. I always feel guilty when I am not making the most of it in some form. This normally involves exercise and this morning I managed to head out […]



Chococlate coma, Easter weekend ride and innocent veg pot recipe!

Happy Easter to you all and I hope you haven’t eaten too much chocolate. Unlike me that ate a whole dark chocolate Easter egg in one day along with the three bars that went with it. Safe to say I wasn’t feeling too good from this and struggled to sleep that evening. I don’t know […]

Vegan, gluten free chocolate banana loaf

If you are anything like me, you will love your sweet treats. I know they are bad for you in excess but I love making my sweet treats somewhat more healthier than they are. Safe to say that everything in moderation but if you can resist this dish you will do better than me lol. […]

choco loaf


Roasted Butternut squash with Pearl Barley

I love searching through my cupboards to see what I have left. I try and keep my cupboards as bare as possible so it encourages me to shop little and often, keeping my food fresh and reducing waste. That is one of my biggest pet hates in the world today. The amount of food we […]

15 minute noodle salad

If you are ever short of time and want a quick go to lunch option, this noodle salad is a great one. You can make it up in less than 15 minutes and enjoy for lunch or even pack it up for lunch at work the next day, goes down great cold or warm. Furthermore […]



Friday Pizza only cheaper and healthier

I was round cutting my friends hair (yes, I am a qualified hairdresser too) and we were talking about what they were going to eat for the week. They had all their meals planned out for the week so they new what they were going to make and prepare. But when I say pizza I […]

Eat to Live Forever Documentary

I am always interested in new research and other people’s views on the latest diet that says will cure all their diseases or will help them to live longer. We have come across them all. Juice fasting, paleo caveman diet, fruit only diet and even calorie restriction. Well, a new documentary that was shown recently […]

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sweet potato salad

Sweet Potato Salad

I love sweet potato and have recently been making a few potato salad recipes with what has been left in my cupboards. This day I decided to purchase some sweet potatoes to use in place of the traditional new potato. Sweet potatoes are sweeter and provide more fibre than the normal white. Nutritionally though there […]

Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Want a weekend treat without feeling too guilty! Then why not try these vegan chocolate brownies that are both gluten and dairy free. It is a simple and quick recipe to make and you can make then to whatever size you like. Mine came out a little thin but they still tasty delicious. I decided […]


potato salad

Cheap and easy Potato salad

Potato Salad Yesterday I was stuck for ideas when it came to having my lunch, so I decided to see what I had hiding in my cupboards and fridge. Interestingly enough I cam across some new potatoes that I had purchase for just 3p when being reduced a few weeks back. They had started sprouting […]