Eat to Live Forever Documentary

I am always interested in new research and other people’s views on the latest diet that says will cure all their diseases or will help them to live longer.

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We have come across them all. Juice fasting, paleo caveman diet, fruit only diet and even calorie restriction.

Well, a new documentary that was shown recently on BBC looked in to these three diets of these to determine whether they would help you live longer. Giles Coren (food critic) spent a week exploring each one to see whether he could lose weight and most importantly improve his chances of living longer now that he has two young children. His father died in his early 60’s and Giles didn’t want to follow suit.

So he flew to the USA to see how a calorie restricted diet, paleo diet and a fruitarian diet could benefit his life expectancy. During his time following each one I felt that his views and options were excellent and brought a breath of fresh air to the whole fad diet industry.

The people on the calorie restricted diet looked older then they said and there lifestyle was pretty boring as they didn’t eat anything after lunch. His views on the paleo diet were hilarious, describing it almost as a cult that has very little scientific evidence to back up its claims. And a diet just living of fruit is just stupid! No person with any common sense could see this as a lifestyle they would be able to maintain and enjoy!

In the end he meet a man who was 113 and his secret was never to smoke and drink, while eating a diet rich is fresh fruit and vegetables with fish and whole grains. He also eat little so never consumed a large meal. In truth, a balanced diet that didn’t over indulge and removed processed foods and any high fat, sugar foods. While exercising everyday he has lived to 113 and still going strong.

As a result, I feel that we should all cut the crap when it comes to this diet or that diet and just embrace a lifestyle rich is fresh produce, with our meat and dairy consumption limited as a treat like sugary sweets are etc. Bring everything back to basic and we will all enjoy the rewards of living a healthier and longer life while not depriving ourselves of the riches that life has to offer.

Please take this opportunity to view the programme (link below)  while you can and lets us know your thoughts. Well worth a watch!!

Eat to live forever with Giles Coren