About Me


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I am Neil, founder and creator of Veggie Yum.

As a trained exercise professional specialising in health and nutrition, good food has always been close to my heart.

During my travels in Thailand, I grew first hand experience and greater knowledge of benefiting from a whole food, plant based diet. I knew helping those around me to live a healthier and vibrant life was my passion.

Since working as a personal trainer and lecturing on the importance of nutrition and exercise at universities, I wanted to encourage a new and innovative way to approach vegetarian and vegan cooking. Processed foods resulting in a rise of an overweight and obese UK is a well known issue today. I believe by approaching vegan and vegetarian foods in an exciting way will encourage more to separate from such processed diets. It isn’t just boring salad!

Today’s working hours are growing longer, and our days are becoming busier. We have grown unaware of the hidden and refined ingredients in ‘healthy ready meals’ provided by supermarkets, such as sugar, saturated fat and SALT. The birth of Veggie Yum means you can still have a quick, homemade and tastier meal without any of these downfalls.