Chickpea Water Brownies

Ever wondered what to do with the chickpea water that you normally through away? Instead of throwing it down the sink why not save it and use it to make these delicious vegan brownies. After working on my Veggie Yum stall back in June I was approached by a fellow trader that was raising awareness of […]



Oaty, Nutty & Fruity Cookies

    While having a relaxing a weekend I was looking through a host of cook books that I have but never cook from. How many of you have that same problem? So while looking through my Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Light & Easy cookbook I came across these really simple oaty, nutty and fruity cookies. I’m […]

Tagliatelle with homemade sun dried tomato marinara sauce

I was looking around the cupboards last night to see what I could rustle up for dinner. I always like to try and use up what I have left lying around before going shopping, this helps to keep my kitchen removed of clutter and prevents me from wasting any food that may be lost by […]

pasta dish

quinoa salad

Quinoa salad

    The other day I was looking around my cupboard to see what I had left lying around. I am a firm believer in reduce our food waste and make sure that I do not let any of my food go to waste. The other day I say that I had some quinoa left […]

Oat & Date Protein Bars

  Hello again and I hope you all have been enjoying my recent posts. I’ve been playing around in the kitchen again and making a conscious effort to work through my recipe books as I’ve mentioned before. Like many cook books that just sit gathering dust I am determined to improve these recipes if needed […]

Cut and enjoy!


Nutrition Spotlight: Sweet Potatoes

  More and more of us are switching from the traditional white potato to the new sweet variety with these nutritional tuberous all-stars finding there way onto most every day menu’s. But what makes the sweet potato nutritionally different than their relegated white potato cousin? Are they really the better choice? Rated as one of the […]

Spinach & Mushroom Lasagne

I was always a big fan of a lasagne as a child but since becoming more health aware and eating less or no animal products at all I am always looking out for new and healthier lasagne recipes. This was another recipe I adapted from the Neal’s Yard Wholefoods Cookbook which I am very much […]



Aduki Bean Soup

Healthy and Heart Aduki Bean Winter Soup The winter months are upon us and it is at this time we all start to look for warm and comforting foods to help us through those chilling nights. I personally love soups, they are so quick and easy to make plus they are the best way of […]

Homemade flapjacks and Exeter Food and Drink Festival 2015

Hi everyone, Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic with preparations for the Exeter Food and Drink Festival 2015. This was my first time trading at this event and of the back of what was a very successful Plymouth Flavour Fest, I was hoping for the […]



Bike ride fueling with my homemade peanut butter protein nut bars!

Hay to everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read my blog posts. It really does mean a lot to me as all I hope for is that you manage to take something positive away from them. Whether that is getting more active to adding in that extra portion of fruit or veg to your […]